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Gadhafi not sure about Proper Spelling
Mar, 21 2011

TRIPOLI- Moammar Gadhafi is fuming. Not about the air attacks on his country or the rebels heading toward Tripoli. Gaddafi’s American Express card was denied Monday morning at a Convenience Mart in Qurji near Libya’s capital. The authorization failure was a direct result of the various spellings of his name.

Kaddafi had stopped briefly on his way home to pick up a four-pack of Red Bull, a box of instant couscous and a goat when his card was rejected. Shop owner Chichi Khumar said the name of the card did not match his ID. “The spelling was different, although it was the same on his Blockbuster card, I did ask for another form of payment”.

Stumped by reporters

Qaddafi was outraged, but himself was unable to verify the correct spelling for reporters. The Libyan president had reached his breaking point on the issue, confessing this has haunted him his entire life.

A distraught Colonel Gadaphi asked from now he please be referred to as “Casey”. Then quipped “with a ‘C'”.  His mood improved quickly following the announcement. So now, the Libyan Dictator will known simply as Kasey.


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