Comedians Botched Cosmetic Surgery Not Funny
Mar, 24 2011

Joan Rivers

PASADENA CA- “Enough already”. Melissa Rivers recently told mom, Joan Rivers to stop with the plastic surgery which has become habitual for the 77 year old comedian. According to Rivers, the only procedure she hasn’t undergone is “vaginal reconstruction”.

Research statistics suggest with as many times she’s had her face tightened, her vagina must be a wind tunnel with a thunderous echo by now. But daughter Melissa suggested, it was boarded up years ago so we shouldn’t lose any more of our troops in there.

Rivers is one of the first of a growing number of comedians who have elected to alter their appearance through cosmetic treatments. These treatments often utilize knives, shop vacs, spatulas and bondo.

Carrot Top

Some have stopped after one mishap, while others think further surgery can correct previous mistakes. Carrot Top drew the line after a surgeon permanently drew in eyebrows and eyeliner. His herculean physique and Slash style doo, somewhat detract from the freaky eyes, but unlike Alice Cooper, Carrot Top doesn’t wipe it away after the show.

Actors need to be able to show expression. Faces reconstructed from recycled milk jugs are a less bankable commodity for the studios, yet many agents still push their clients in that direction.

More so, comedians rely on facial expression that is often exaggerated when performing which enhances the audience response, meaning more laughter.

So why would so many comedians choose to undergo plastic surgery? Margaret Cho, seen on last seasons Dancing with the Stars, now has more tattoos than Amy Winehouse, and looked great. That is until recent botox injections negatively altered her appearance, leaving her “a little puffy looking”. Cho admits it may have been a mistake.

Margaret Cho

More recently, comedian Whitney Cummings may have some lingering regret having undergone cosmetic treatments to appease Hollywood execs who suggested it would help her in landing her own sitcom. Cummings alternations have left her looking more like a white Whitney Houston after taking a few punches from both Bobby and Chris Brown during 4-day crack binge.

Comedians should be funny for the right reasons. Funny looking, not one of those reasons. A word of advice to anyone considering going through with it; get rid of all the mirrors in your home, right Margaret?

Whitney Cummings


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