Prince William Reveals Bruce Vilanch Best Man
Apr, 11 2011

LONDON – Many details of the Royal Wedding have been kept secretive. Until Sunday, even the names of the Best Man and Maid of Honor were merely speculation. The Royal groom spilled the beans outside a North London Gingiss Formal Wear location where he was being fitted for his attire for the big day.

The smart money had long since been on his younger brother Prince Harry as the clear choice to stand along side William for his nuptials. The smart money lost. Prince William revealed his Best Man would be none other than Hollywood funny man Bruce Vilanch. Vilanch has long been a fixture as joke writer for the Oscars and other high profile award shows, but this may be his biggest gig yet.

Best Man Bruce Vilanch

Vilanch is a long time friend of Prince Charles who hired the comedic writer to punch up his farewell message to Diana following her death in 1997.  “Our grieving nation needed a boost and Bruce’s wit helped me turn a dreary day into a bit of a chuckle fest” said Charles responding to questions regarding his son’s choice. “William has long admired Bruce and I expect he will give a memorable toast at the reception”.

Prince William may be less impressed with a Vilanch thrown Bachelor Party. Prince Harry had already lined up Samantha Fox who had agreed to a full strip-tease for the party.

But those duties fall to the best man.  “Forget Samantha, we’ll be playing Redd Foxx party records before the live entertainment” said Vilanch, “Liza Minnelli has agreed to perform for the lads. Cher is still a maybe. We’ll have cases of Zima. So much fun! Then at the stroke of midnight, the cast from the Broadway version of Momma Mia will be doing a can-can dance especially choreographed for the occasion. It will be epic.”

No one was more surprised at the choice of best man than Prince Harry.  “I supposed I shouldn’t be offended”, said Harry “William has always been a bit unsettled with his looks. So this makes sense. Kate’s much the same way. She’s hoping to appear more virginal having hinted Bree Olson would be her Maid of Honor”.

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