Eddie Murphy to “Party All the Time” as Host of the Oscars
Sep, 5 2011



HOLLYWOOD – The  Academy Awards will have a new face in 2012. Or maybe even many new faces, when the star of  The Klumps,  Eddie Murphy, hosts Hollywood’s big night next February.  The Academy dug deep into their Rolodex this year and claim their new host is a hilarious and unique individual. “Eddie is a  rare comedic talent. A comedy chameleon, but way different though than Martin Lawrence or Tyler Perry” boasted Oscar spokesperson Gloria Cavendish. “Obviously a gifted actor, Eddie also is a proven talent as a musician, which as we all know is essential for the opening musical number. This year will be extra special”,  referring to Murphy’s deal to open the show with a reprisal of his eighties semi-hit, Party All the Time.

Party All the Time, the first single off Murphy’s 1985 release, How Could It Be, will be remixed and extended to fill the entire 12 minute opening sequence. As the show is live, we should not expect any special effect make-up changes  to Murphy’s appearence during the open, but he will “make several goofy faces” promise event producers.

Though much of the details are being withheld, it was leaked that we can expect to see the Hannibal Lecter mask, once used by Billy Crystal, incorporated to the production along with a red leather clad Murphy (a potential deal breaking clause forced by his agent in order for Oscar to secure the eighties icon).

Fans of course are all abuzz as it was announced Murphy will host a segment of the awards show as a character from Norbit. Most speculate it will be Norbit’s hefty better half, Rasputia. Yet with films like Contagian and Final Destination 5, both expected to compete for top honors, many question how Murphy will transcend the seriousness of their subject matter dressed as a 400 lb. black temptress. Producers dismiss those naysayers by referencing his work in Vampire in Brooklyn.

Grace Jones and even Wendy Williams are being wooed for a potential co-hosting gig along side Murphy. If there is chemistry between the two, there is speculation a  tour would be announced, on a scale similar to what the Bacon Brothers do.