Chase Bank Blamed in Restaurant Fracas
Jan, 9 2012

Who ordered the Truffles?

BORDENTOWN NJ – “That’s $37 a piece.” Chase Bank’s recent commercial shows how simple it is to split the check when dining as a group with their new smart-phone app. The person to person quickpay will split the check by the number in your party and with a couple clicks your co-diners can send you money while you’re finishing up dessert. Restaurant owners however are now claiming the app is causing disturbances.

“$37 my ass.  I had a Salisbury steak and water.  $18 including tip is the most I should owe” said Angela DiMuzzio of New Brunswick, NJ after police were called to the Turnpike Diner, exit 7, in Bordentown. Owner Spiro Papadopoulos claims members of DiMuzzio’s party began fighting shortly after the waitress brought the check. “First screaming, then baklava was being thrown… and then the hair pulling.” recalled Papadopoulos.

The scene was like many happening across the country as restaurant customers are in disagreement with their share owed as calculated by the new Chase app. Friday, 42 year old David Oglethorpe was strangled in front of a packed Denver eatery after he demanded an equal share of the bill from everyone in his party. Tip Tenowitz was apprehended on the scene where he was still arguing his share of the bill. Tenowitz who had been drinking only ginger ale, accused Oglethorpe of trying to make him pay for Oglethorpe’s “lush, whore girlfriend, who was ordering Grey Goose all night long”.

Chase says their person to person quickpay does work. Though they caution to request separate checks when in doubt. “It works best when everyone orders the same thing.”  said a Chase spokesperson.  It seems to work out better for the guy who goes for a second appetizer and endless top shelf cocktails. Surf and Turf anyone?