Mark Wahlberg heroics would have altered Stephen King Classic
Jan, 21 2012

BOSTON – It would seem Mark Wahlberg believes he would have changed more than the events of 9/11 given the opportunity. After declaring, had he been a passenger on the planes that went down on that tragic day, things would have played out differently, Wahlberg in a radio interview on Friday, stated It would have been another story had he been one of those kids.

By “It”, Wahlberg  was referring to the 1986 novel by Stephen King. “Look I know It was a book, but if  it were me in that situation, I would have kicked that clowns ass.” said Wahlberg making reference to Pennywise, the dancing clown, that terrorized the youngsters in King’s horror classic. “Dude, when I was 9, I kneed Ronald McDonald in the shin at a Mickey D’s grand opening in the Back Bay (a neighborhood in Boston). He went down like the Hindenberg… Clown or no clown, I took him down. That’s when I knew I was a bad-ass.”

“I’m just saying, if Stephen King had modeled one of those kids after me, the book would have been entirely different.  The clown would have gone down, bottom line. The book would have scared bad guys, nobody else”.

“That’s what got me in trouble last week when I spoke about 9/11.  I see those hi-jackers with red rubber noses. They are clowns. Murderous clowns, but clowns. I kick clowns asses”. Wahlberg told radio host Russ Albums. “Muslim clowns are Bozos too.  People forget that.”

When Albums asked Wahlberg what he meant by that, Wahlberg replied. “It exploited the fears and phobias of its victims, same as the dirt bag terrorists that caused the tragedies of 9/11. Americans think they are invincible. Dude, I was Vince in Invincible. You jump up on my plane gobbling like a turkey, I will ask you to return to your seat… and you don’t want me to ask twice.”

Callers lit up phones lines while Wahlberg was in studio. One asked why Wahlberg thought he could have stopped things when those truly facing the situation could not. Wahlberg replied “Obviously you haven’t seen The Fighter“.