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Girl whose laptop was shot posts video of Dad doing cleaning lady
Feb, 12 2012


Video that started it all by Tommy Jordan

ALBEMARLE, NC – Hannah Jordan volleys back to dad.

Three days ago her father, Tommy Jordan reacted to his daughter’s Facebook rant by eliminating her laptop execution style. He then posted the video on her Facebook wall. Yesterday Hannah retaliated by posting a two minute video of her Dad cleaning the cleaning lady.

“If he wants to embarrass me, he will regret it” said Hannah in the prelude of her video post. The clip shows her father wearing only a cowboy hat, boots and calico neck bandana, dancing to Boot, Scoot and Boogie by Brooks and Dunn while he licks the toes of someone whose face never is shown. On the audio Hannah declares the feet belong to the family maid, identifiable from her swollen ankles and the scuffed corrective shoes seen in the closing seconds of  the video.

Tommy Jordan has become a poster boy for no nonsense parenting following his viral video in which he unloaded 8 hollow point rounds into his daughters laptop. Jordan claims a close friend and classmate of Hannah traded him a login code for a carton of cigarettes. That code allowed him to see her Facebook page even though she had blocked him.  He then went on to make statements during the video gloating that the 15 year old girl had been outsmarted and there would be “Hell to pay”.

Hannah added a second video where she is seen filtering her fathers coffee through soiled cat litter. Recorded with her iPhone, the video shows her dissolving the families African Grey parrots droppings to the hot beverage. Still giggling she serves him what she calls a “latte”. “He thinks he can ruin my life, oh my God, game on” says Hannah as the video fades to black.

The Daily Load  tried  to reach Miss Jordan for comment but as of this morning, both her internet and cellular service had been disconnected.