Harbaugh Father Admits One Son is Adopted
Jan, 21 2013
John, Jim & Jack Harbaugh

John, Jim & Jack Harbaugh

NEW ORLEANS – Super Bowl XLVII Coaches John and Jim Harbaugh are the first brothers ever to go head to head in the biggest game in sports. Just as this fact proved great billing for the game, Jack Harbaugh, father of the Harbaugh boys, broke a 49 year old silence when he announced to the younger sibling Jim, that he was adopted.

It was following Sunday’s second game where John’s Ravens spanked the Pats that  it became absolute it would be Harbaugh against Harbaugh.  Jack was sure the secret would leak out and become too much of a distraction, so he felt it best to “Hang out all the laundry now that the hobos have all left town”.

“Their resemblance is purely coincidental” claims the elder Harbaugh. “The paperwork said Jim came from a Korean family. He only ate white rice for almost a year. It’s baffling, but we’re happy with it.”  Harbaugh feels the Super Bowl record book should not have an asterisk by this game. “Does it ready matter that the two are not paternal? They are brothers.”

Jack Harbaugh called Jim to congratulate him on his victory over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon, but the call was brief due to the arrival of Jim’s order of Dim Sum which he wanted to eat while hot.  Jack again spoke with his son following the teams return to San Francisco early Monday morning when he told Jim about the family secret.

The 49er Head Coach took the news in stride claiming he had that slight feeling of being an outcast within the family, remembering when he was young, his dad used to dye Jim’s hair red “just so he could scowl at me”. Jim added “I knew Dad had that mishap with one of those old fashioned athletic cups back in the sixties. They said that why I was the last, but I guess it happened earlier than I was told.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is now debating  whether to credit the 49ers with a minority hire when they named Harbaugh their Head Coach in 2011.