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Facebook Saves Couples Relationship on Valentines Day
Feb, 15 2013

CAMBRIDGE OH – Although Ashley Kwon had been in a monogamous relationship with her boy friend Dustin Young  for six years, things had not been great. She was not completely confident the relationship was secure. That all changed on Thursday thanks to Facebook, the popular social media website.

Ashley “tagged” Dustin in a comment she made in her status update. “Happy Valentines Day Dustin Young. Hugs and kisses my sweet stallion”. The two were in their shared apartment in Cambridge working independently online when Ashley posted the update, but it wasn’t until Dustin “Liked” it that she could confirm their relationship was rock solid.  “I knew he was on Facebook because he had just “liked” a photo of a mutual friends lunch” Ashley said late Thursday, “then I heard that notification beep that he gets when he is tagged or gets a message, so I knew he saw it, and then a few minutes later, he “liked” a link from George Takei. I was really concerned”.

That concern turned to joy about 50 minutes later when Dustin “liked” Ashley’s status. “I could have sent a private message or even said it in person since we were in the same room, but a status update really shouts it to the world so everyone knows” admitted Ashley. “About half his Facebook friends are girls, none of whom I trust, so I was making a statement, not only to Dustin, but those bitches too”.  Young, later sent her a photo of flowers via Facebook private message just before midnight.


Dustin Young and Ashley Kwon confirm commitment via Facebook