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Looting at Men’s Warehouse after Zimmerman Verdict
Jul, 14 2013


Mayhem erupts at Men's Warehouse following verdict

Mayhem erupts at Men’s Warehouse following verdict

SANFORD FL – The “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman without warning became a guilty verdict with immediate retribution for George Zimmer, founder of the Men’s Warehouse.  Protesters across the nation amped up their screams for justice upon the acquittal in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Many may have been too casual in their real knowledge of the case and it’s participants, blaming George Zimmer of the Men’s Warehouse for the death of Martin.

The suit retailer’s location in Oviedo Fl. was looted and vandalized in the overnight hours following the verdict. Several rioters fled the scene dressed in suits complete with fitted shirts and ties. One looter, dressed to the nines, except for worn retread flip flops, shouted to news cameras  “I like the way I look” as he hauled bags of merchandise and a fully dressed mannequin out of the store.

George Zimmer, appearing on MSNBC with Chris Matthews via Skype questioned how he, “a 6’3″ white bearded New York Jew is confused with a short pudgy multiracial tool (in George Zimmerman), yet my commercial runs back to back with Dos Equis commercials and no confusion. I too am an extremely interesting man, not a killer. I guarantee it”.

Matthew’s called for Americans to be “focused in their hatred” and suggested making signs and heading to the remote broadcast Rachel Maddow would be doing outside the Supreme Court building where she will be attacking the verdict and then dozens of unrelated issues supported by conservatives.

The corporate office of the Men’s Warehouse in Houston has been fielding calls this morning ranging from death threats directed at Zimmer, to customers taking their business to JC Penney. Zimmer was fired as spokesperson for the Men’s Warehouse on June 19th when the company cited hygiene issues, but this morning it was revealed the MW wanted to distance itself from Zimmer for months and for unspecified reasons also denounced any affiliation with former MLB player/manager Don Zimmer and composer Hans Zimmer.