Kentucky Man Invents Bourbon Powered Car

The story fascinates people around the world as prices for gasoline hit all-time highs.

Being reported on eco/green, automobile, technology and even sports web sites, people are excited. Debate is raging on message boards and chat rooms worldwide. The invention of the Bourbonmobile is being reposted on Facebook, Twitter and blogs from the U.S. to India.

But, the Bourbon Powered Car simply does not exist. Chicago based comedy writer and former stand-up comedian Dan Carlson, creates news for Carlson concocted the story about a Kentucky man inspired by the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the guys from American Pickers to turn his junk into a car that runs on bourbon.

The Daily Load is a satirical news site, yet this story caught fire and was reposted around the internet, eventually picked up by legitimate news sources.

A search of “Bourbon Powered Car”, “Kentucky Man Invents Bourbon Car” etc. show hundreds of sites posting this “news” story.

Late Monday, Chris Matyszczyk blogger from let the world know they’d been had. “Clearly the whole car world was itching to discuss the remarkable invention… the Daily Load has managed to dupe a vast number of gearheady people all over the world.”

“I thought anyone who read it, would get a good laugh or two, but I didn’t think people would be lining up to buy it.” Said Carlson “Honestly when I did a search and saw it was a news story in India, I was amazed. And let’s please use the term Bamboozled.”

Carlson confesses inventor Mickey Nilsson, is not a real person. “I have a friend Mike Nilsson who lives in Louisville and enjoys bourbon but that’s as close to the truth as it gets. The people answering the phones at Nissan must be completely baffled since I reported they hope to release a consumer version in 2014”.

Carlson started The Daily Load a few months ago to showcase his writing.  With the worldwide buzz this has created, perhaps he’s suited for The Wall Street Journal or an advertising or marketing firm.  He is currently open to all offers.

Carlson with retired still - Woodford Reserve Distillery Kentucky

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