4 Approaches To Enhancing Workplace’s Access Control System

In our world today, security has never been more important than ever. We have virtually more access to various aspects to operate and perform daily tasks. However, business organisations must consider reinforcing their access system with better security solutions. While investing in an office door access system in Singapore remains vital, we must know how to mitigate further risks, especially concerning who manages, enters and exits the site. Organisations and institutions must adapt to the growing need for powerful methods or solutions to reinforce their system for further security. In critical times, enhancing your access control can be vital. Here’s how:

Eliminate Entry Hardware from All Non-Entrance Exterior Doors

If you need to limit your access door entrances, prioritise securing the exterior doors first. Remove the entry hardware on almost virtually every exterior door and install exit-only hardware instead. If you plan to invest in a sophisticated door access system in Singapore, ensure that you put it inside the non-entrance doors. You can also utilise a cover plate along the way to further increase perimeter security. It lessens the chance of possible breaches.

Use Door Contacts On Every Exterior Door

Even if you have a workplace access control system, door contacts can be a worthy investment to make. Many organisations often forgot adding door contacts while having request-to-exit sensors, and this can be a significant security concern. Door contacts send a notification to the security systems when left open, which serves vital for securing the exterior perimeter against possible unauthorised access within the facility. In short, door contacts are a cost-effective method to reinforce your access control system.

Consider Auditing Your Facility’s Access Privilege

Your workplace should only allow authorised people to gain access, such as employees, permitted guests and clients. An access control system in Singapore will not be enough without practising techniques that can fully maximise security protection. The best practice to implement such an approach is to consider auditing your access privileges. Such a technique for physical security guarantees that the facility should not automatically trust anyone outside the bounds of the perimeter.

Conduct Inspections on Mechanical Hardware 

Regular inspection plays a key in enhancing your facility’s access control system. The best point to start is in the doors’ mechanical hardware. Hardware can be prone to malfunction and ageing over time. A simple maintenance you can conduct is to clean the doors hardware’s surfaces with the proper solvent (usually non-corrosive) and inspect if there is a need for repairs. If you are looking for a security system in Singapore for your workplace facility, visit Valsys Technologies for more info.