4 Pieces of Cafe Equipment in Singapore for Your Cafe

Opening a new cafe is an ambitious endeavour that needs plenty of preparation. Once you’ve chosen the best location for your new business, it’s time to fill it up with cafe equipment from Singapore. Ensure you remember everything by checking this list of four equipment pieces you need for your cafe.

1. Combi Oven

If you’re starting small, a combi oven from Singapore is the best type of oven for your cafe. A combi oven, short for combination oven, is an all-in-one appliance that can do it all. Not only can you bake, but you can also roast, steam, oven fry, braise, and many more. The combi oven opens up many possibilities for your cafe’s menu without breaking the bank by buying different ovens.

2. Commercial Freezer

The small freezer you get alongside your home refrigerator isn’t enough for a cafe. A commercial freezer from Singapore can freeze baked goods, so you can efficiently heat them the next time a customer orders one. It’ll seem freshly baked when it arrives on the customer’s plate. Not only that, but you can also store perishable ingredients in there for later use. It’s essential to get a commercial freezer instead of a regular one to have plenty of space for all your baking needs.

3. Coffee Machine

No cafe is complete without coffee machines, after all! As one of the most crucial cafe equipment to get in Singapore, you must make sure the coffee machines you get are high-quality. Not to mention, with all the different kinds of coffee you can make, you may need more than one coffee machine to meet demands. Try to look for some that can make more than one type of coffee, similar to the combi oven.

4. Display Case

A display case is the best cafe equipment in Singapore for showing the available baked goods and food you have for the day. Customers can look for what they want while they line up at the register and point out their order to your cashier, reducing the hassle of ordering. You can have heated or refrigerated display cases, depending on which one you need. You may even get both.

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