5 Good Reasons To Use Cloth Bags

The reusable woven net bags guarantee greater durability than plastic ones, being able to be used repeatedly. In addition, the woven net bags hold more weight and have greater capacity.  Thus, seeing that they have many more advantages than plastic bags, it is incomprehensible how they have not been implemented as a definitive measure.

  • The Material

Two types of cloth bags are introduced: the classic cloth bags and the organic kinds.

When you think about bags, the first concern is to use a material that will definitely replace plastic or any other synthetic material. First of all, for an environmental issue: Limiting the use of plastic is a global priority.

On the other hand, and for the organic Calico bag (รับผลิตถุงผ้า, which is the term in Thai) model, we chose 100% organic cotton. This fabric is natural and comes from organic plantations where no pesticides or other chemicals have been used. This material also has other properties, such as a more resistant texture, and is especially recommended for allergy sufferers or people with sensitive skin.

  • Durability

Another benefit of cloth bags. Because the plastic bags do not last at all, the fabric ones assure long-term sturdiness and will hold more weight and long distances.

  • Savings

Using a cloth bag, you will avoid buying plastic bags that are becoming more and more expensive, both in stores and in supermarkets. Taking your personalized cloth bag with you will not have to pay for another bag every time you make a new purchase.

  • The Aesthetics

Due to their characteristics, cloth bags have a unique style, very different from plastic ones. Cloth bags are in fashion, and more and more people are choosing them as a complement to go shopping, to work or to go out to enjoy their free time.

  • The Quality

To the quality of the material is added the quality of the printing and you know how we like to take care of the detail so that they are perfect. We want your images, designs, phrases or logos to look great on your cloth bag because taking care of the planet and being fashionable is not an impossible thing.

Betting on the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level of the planet starts at home, and a simple way of doing it is by accepting the use of cotton bags and caps from Hat factory (โรงงานผลิตหมวก, which is the term in Thai), an alteration that will bring many benefits for the environment and people. Although it happens to be true that the making of cotton bags has also an environmental impression, as they use to be reusable and made with a supportable material, they converted an ecological substitute to outdated plastic bags.