5 Shirt Patterns Every Man Should Own

Gone are the days when menswear was restricted to a particular range of clothing with no factor of uniqueness to it. However, there are now a plethora of apparels out there in the males section, making it exciting to experiment with different styles. A very versatile option to experiment with would be shirts. Moreover, the elaboration in the types of shirts for men has taken another level. 

With so much to choose from, you must know precisely what to purchase in order to avoid wrecking your wardrobe and wasting your penny. Hence, to ease your job we have curated a guide mentioning the five must-have shirt patterns for men. 

Come. Take a look! 

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are a classic in the shirts department with a very casual and relaxed vibe to it. The fabric of this shirt is of soft woven yarn and is suited for places with low temperature. A typical flannel shirt is most often in plaid pattern. However, there are all types including check shirts. This shirt has great adaptability. It can be worn by itself and even over a simple tee. It is an absolute must in the wardrobe. 

Oxford Button Down Shirt

Oxford shirt is named after the fabric it is made of i.e. oxford cloth and it has a button down collar. It is a staple shirt that every man should own. It is subtle yet elegant and can be donned in casual as well as formal events. Opt for dark hues for a casual setting and light hues for workspace or other formal occasions. It is a timeless piece and will serve you the best. 

Short Sleeves Shirt

You must have this shirt on the rack of your closet. This type of shirt is a full package. It offers you style, comfort, variety and affordability. Playful prints go the best with short sleeved shirts and do the part in parties, dates, movies and most social occasions. It is also ideal for those of you who want to flaunt their arms. 

Office Shirt 

Yes, I know it sounds like a boring piece of attire but it is a necessity and it is definitely something you must own. Keep the hues light and subtle. Go for pale blue, whites and formal prints. The poplin is perfect and has a smart appearance. Also a slim fit would be a better pick. 

Chinese Collar Shirt 

They are also known as mandarin collar shirts. These shirts have a stand up close fitting collar. It is a very contemporary piece with great style and comfort to it. It will keep you free from frills. It is more preferable for casual events. However, you can throw on a blazer to give it a semi-formal look. This way you can make the best out of this shirt. 

Your wardrobe must comprise of all the five shirts mentioned above. If you don’t own any, get your hands on them now. Shop now only from JACK&JONES