Street in Kefalonia, Greece

Acquiring Greek property for sale

When considering the option of living in a warm country located by the sea and distinguished by a unique culture, Greece immediately comes to mind. It is located on the coast and is famous for its myths and legends, delicious cuisine, and affordable prices. Outstanding greek property for sale is represented by various original objects.

Benefits of buying an apartment above a house

An apartment in Athens is a great opportunity to move to one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. The sunny country receives tourists all year round, so the demand for housing is high. If you are eager to move or invest in real estate abroad, buying villas in Greece will be successful.

  • Price. One of the main advantages of apartments over houses is the cost. The maintenance of the apartment is much cheaper, given the same list of expenses, utility bills will be many times lower. 
  • Appearance. The appearance of the building in an apartment building does not fall on the shoulders of the owners of the apartment. Also, there is no special need to clean the surrounding area.
  • Transport accessibility. Of course, apartment buildings are usually located in places with convenient transportation. As a rule, there are public transport stops nearby.
  • Infrastructure. If you bought an apartment in a new residential complex, then educational and medical institutions will be nearby. Also nearby will be places of public service. Recently, new highways have appeared according to European standards.
  • Obtaining a residence permit. By purchasing real estate in this country, you have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for yourself and all family members.

This is only a small part of the advantages of buying an apartment in sunny Greece. Do not forget about the beautiful nature, clean ecology, beautiful historical places, good medicine, low crime rate, and a simple procedure for buying real estate.