Divorce Process: Factors You Need To Learn

People think that being married can assure a lifetime with your partner. Though it is true, it does not apply to all married couples. Some of them suffer from being married, making them go through a divorce. Here are some factors about divorce that you need to know:


The price of divorce in Singapore cost $3500 up to $35,000. However, it depends on the service that you will get. Consider the lawyer services fee, but your lawyer will get you around with it.


The Singapore divorce process is easy to understand. And, it is where the cost will depend. Think of everything you will go through, like the divorce application, opposing party letters, pre-trial conference, and even mediations that you will pay for every session.


There are many lawyers that you can encounter. Good examples are a family lawyer, a criminal lawyer, and a probate lawyer in Singapore. But in filing a divorce, the person you need is a family lawyer. They handle different family-related cases, like legal separation, child custody, and will.


You need to know the grounds for divorce in Singapore before you file it. This way, you will know which area your case will fall, depending on the reason you will give. There are two grounds – fault-based and no-fault.

Fault-based divorce is the common one because it involves the misconduct of your partner. It could be domestic violence, drug addiction, or alcohol usage. If you are aiming for an uncontested divorce in Singapore, no-fault is the ground. It is about divorcing your partner but not blaming them for it.


The common reasons fall under fault-based ground. It could be because of adultery, desertion or abandonment, separation, and unreasonable behaviour.

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