How to Tell If Your Wooden Floors Are Warping

Wooden floors are gorgeous and can feel like a luxury to those who want to preserve their natural beauty. However, wood is susceptible to warping, twisting, or cracking over time because of moisture accumulation and temperature changes. Actually, this is why since the last decade, more homeowners prefer Engineered Wood Flooring to solid wood. If you notice the floorboards in your home becoming warped or cracked, it may be time to call a professional flooring company.

Types of warping:

Wooden floors are not structurally built to withstand high temperatures and humidity, so when your floor is warped, it can become much more dangerous than a wood floor that has shrunk because of heat. Warping can cause more damage to your home and can cause the wood to snap or break. Therefore, you must find a professional company that will take the time to inspect your floors and repair them if they are structurally unsound.

When may floors warp:

Wooden floorboards can warp for various reasons, but the leading cause of warping is humidity and moisture. When your floors are subjected to high humidity and moisture for long periods, they can become warped and damaged. Therefore, you will want to keep your home well-ventilated and ensure your floors are allowed to dry if you’re going to avoid warping.

Symptoms of warping:

Over time, wooden floors will start to warp because of temperature changes. However, it is also possible for it to warp because of changes in humidity. When the wood warps, it can cause the wood to twist or crack. The cracks could spread and become larger over time until a piece of your floor breaks off.

As the wooden floor warps, it begins to pull on the joists, and you will see tiny nicks or chips appearing throughout your floor. This is a sign that your wooden floor is warped and needs professional help.

The warping can be very subtle or severe. If you notice the floorboards in your home becoming warped or cracked, it may be time to call a professional flooring company.

How to repair warping:

Luckily, warped wooden floors can be repaired. If you are not going to replace the flooring, you must have a professional company take care of the floor repairs for you. The professionals will remove the damaged boards and then replace them. This is very different from simply leveling out or resurfacing your floors. If you plan to keep the wood floor, you may have to replace it because of the damage that warping causes.

Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the damage done by a warped floor. However, you can have the flooring repaired. Each repair will take time and money, but in the end, your warped wooden floors may look better than ever before.