Organization of First Aid to Victims at Work

The likelihood of being seriously injured at work is much higher than at home. about 2.3 million people die annually from work-related injuries and illnesses. This is about 6.3 thousand people per day. Therefore, do not consider the study of the rules of first aid at work as a simple formality. The likelihood that you will have to provide it personally, unfortunately, is quite high. For this purpose, Erste-Hilfe Kurs München Führerschein was organized. 

Recommendations for First Aid in the production

First Aid to victims of accidents and sudden illnesses is a set of urgent measures aimed at stopping the action of the damaging factor, at eliminating the threat to life, at alleviating the suffering of the victim, and preparing him for sending to a medical institution. Erste hilfe kurs münchen online explains that it is considered optimal to provide first aid to the victim – within 30 minutes after the injury.

Erste hilfe kurse provides the following rules:

  • To release the victim from exposure to a hazardous production factor using standard or improvised means and methods that are safe for oneself.
  • Assess the condition of the victim, remove clothing that is restricting breathing, and if necessary, remove the victim to fresh air.
  • Take the necessary measures to rescue the victim as a matter of urgency – restore breathing, stop bleeding, immobilize the fracture site, etc.
  • Maintain basic life functions of the victim until the arrival of health workers.
  • Call medical workers, prepare the victim for transportation.

The duty of the employer is to organize training like erste hilfe kurs neuperlach with verification of practical skills in providing First Aid to victims of the most typical hazardous and harmful production factors for this type of production and the mandatory presence of trained personnel at each worksite in each work shift.