What is the normal BMI?

What is a BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index ratio. It is used to calculate and determine whether your body weight is suitable for your height and vice versa. It is very easy to calculate BMI. You just need to know your weight in kilograms and also height in meters, then you can divide your weight by your height squared. You will get your BMI reading after that. If you are having difficulty in calculating BMI, do not worry because there are a lot of resources available that can help you to automatically calculate your BMI. For instance, there are a lot of apps specifically designed to calculate BMI and you can just download it for free. Besides, you can also find an abundance of BMI calculators on the web. Just google BMI calculator and there will be tons of results about it.

How do I know whether my BMI is normal?

After you calculate your BMI, the calculation will give you a certain value. If your value is between 18.5 and 25, then you are in good shape. This range of value is considered as a normal BMI. However, if your value is lower than 18.5, that simply means you are underweight. So, you must alter your lifestyle in order to increase your weight so that your BMI will be at a normal value. For example, you can choose to increase your carb intake to get an ideal body weight. Besides that, anything higher than 25 is considered as overweight while any BMI over 30 is considered as being obese. In both of these cases, you need to reduce your weight in order to get a normal BMI. There are a lot of ways that you can do in order to reduce your weight. The list below show you what you can do to help you achieve a normal BMI value:

  1. Eat a healthy diet

If you want to reduce your weight, then the first thing that you need to do is to control your diet. You need to start eating healthily so that your body will become healthy as well. To eat a healthy diet, you can always refer to the food pyramid to get a balanced diet. If you have a personal physician, you can always ask for his or her recommendation about your diet plan. I am pretty sure that they are happy to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Less sugar is better

Sweet foods and sugary drinks are known to be the reason why most people suffer from a lot of types of diseases. Besides, it can also cause obesity, meaning your BMI will be very high. Hence, cutting sugar inside your foods and drinks is the best possible solution here. You always need to make sure that you do not take any excessive sugar.

  1. Exercise regularly

Healthy diet alone is not enough. If you want to get healthy and get a normal BMI, then you also need to start exercising. Exercising is not just good for your body, it is also good for your mental health as it can help you to reduce stress level and relax. Consider doing an exercise that is suitable with your style of living. There are a lot of exercises that you can choose from that include walking, running, cycling and swimming. It is recommended that you exercise for 3o minutes each session, 5 days per week to get the best result. If your time is very limited, then you can choose to cut it down to 3 sessions per week.