6 Questions To Ask A Service Apartment For Rent In Singapore

Travelling the world has become popular in recent years as more people want to discover new things and expose themselves to new cultures and cuisines. Luckily, budget service apartments are now available in Singapore. 

Those who want to tour around Lion city can get affordable accommodation and not solely rely on hotels. With a cheaper option, anyone can stay much longer and extend their travel. Before booking a service apartment for rent in Singapore for your next business trip or vacation, guarantee to ask the following questions to get the best experience and deal.

1. Is furniture included in rental rates?

Most service apartments for rent include furniture in the rental rates. If you want to have a particular furniture or appliance inside your rented service apartment, you can expect there will be additional charges on top of your initial rental fee. 

2. How long can I stay when I get a service apartment for rent?

Apart fromshort term rental in Singapore, some also offer long term rental. It can be for months or years, depending on how long you intend to stay. You better inform the service apartment complex how long it is before booking so you might get a discount. 

3. Are utilities included?

Budget service apartments mostly do not include utilities for long term stays and tenants for this leasing option have to pay their bills for utilities separately. They will be given a breakdown of how much they need to pay. 

4. Are pets allowed?

Whether you own a cat or dog, asking this question ahead of time allows you to know if you should bring your pets with you during your business trip or vacation in Singapore. 

5. Is parking available?

If you also rented a vehicle besides a service apartment for rent in Singapore, a parking slot will come in handy. You do not have to worry about where you should park your rented vehicle during your stay. 

6. Is there an emergency contact number?

Since accidents happen at the most unexpected time, knowing you should contact them in case of an emergency can give you more peace of mind. Ensure to keep the emergency contact in your smartphone and notepad for convenience. 

Make a copy of these questions so you will know what you should ask when you start looking for a West Coast service apartment or anywhere else. Check out Expat Corporate Apartment Singapore if you are interested in booking one for your next business trip or vacation. 

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