An Experience On Choosing & Buying Hair Care Products Online 

My personal daily hair care routine isn’t particularly complex or sophisticated. The right shampoo and other hair care products will suffice. Since I don’t have any other fancy products for my hair, I rely on the basics, and they have proven to be effective while not causing me unnecessary expenses.

Choosing An Online Hair Care Product Seller

Hair care items are an easy catch in today’s market. However, choosing a particular brand or a supplier that has the available product you are looking for can be hard to come by at certain times. There are moments when I have to make choices between hair care items or visiting local stores for available ones. Sometimes you have to look for other online sellers too to expand your options. But it can consume a lot of time.

When it comes to online hair care products in Singapore, choosing a seller is one thing I spend the most time with than the actual products. It may be my thing, but I want to guarantee I’m only buying from a legitimate seller that sells 100% genuine hair care items online. As someone who has never fallen into a scam from buying things online, it is a worthwhile effort. Nonetheless, it’s never a walk in the park to find a seller whom you can settle with whenever you need a hair care product. It took me a while to make some decisions (since I always weigh on things and sometimes become too stuck in the moment).

Discovering Fayre Beauty

After carefully weighing the options, I decided to try Fayre Beauty. Giving them a shot is worth the waiting and money. I don’t often go out and try multiple products from other stores online. However, I took the leap because they offer plenty of usable hair care products that I was looking for (especially for my occasional hair-fall problems). I tried their product, and from my experience, they work well with my hair. They were effective, and most items didn’t have an overpowering scent (which I liked).

After trying their scalp hair shampoo, I tried their Fayre Hair Spa Treatment Bundle (which I pre-ordered from them, and they cost almost $150 bucks). Overall, I was satisfied and pleased with  Fayre’s hair care products online. They aren’t complicated to use, and they go well with my hair without side effects. After a few months of usage, I still haven’t had any issues with my hair falling after that! The delivery service is also fast and hassle-free.

Aside from the hair care items they sold online, they also offer baby shampoo and lotion. As a mum, they have what I exactly need for my hair care and my baby! Thus every time I buy a hair care item from them, I also include one for my baby, which is a saver. I don’t have to look elsewhere when I need one for my baby’s skin and hair care needs.

Their baby lotion and shampoo were mild. Their baby’s shampoo is a 2-in-1 gentle solution, which works well, especially for eczema-prone skin. All in all, I would recommend Fayre Beauty to other mums or anyone looking for quality hair care items online!

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