Essential Details To Know About LMF Slide Bearing

Elements for translation-like bearing motion are called linear bearings. It is distinguished if the forces are transmitted through rolling or sliding parts, much like in the case of rotary bearings. Specific features of each linear design make it particularly appropriate for particular bearing setups.

Make round shafts capable of extremely precise linear motion. Maintain large loads with great rigidity and minimal noise function in nearly every setting and with a variety of loads to meet a variety of needs.

Essential Information About LMF Slide Bearing

In order to accommodate for shaft deflection, LMF slide bearing (ลูกปืนสไลด์ LMF, which is the term in Thai) can have a small crown that allows for some angular movement of the bushing in relation to the housing. In more severe situations, O-rings support the bushing inside the housing.

There are two types of linear bushings – Bare units and units housed in pillow blocks and flanged units.

To give the bearing surfaces a larger axial spread, bushings can be installed in tandem with shared housings. Depending on how the shaft is supported, there are two types to choose from: open and closed. Because they don’t have any moving parts, linear bushings are resistant to dirt.

Product General Information

Here is the general information to note about LMF slide bearing before using it:

Easy Swap Out Of Standard Plain Bushings

As both types of bushings are utilized with a round shaft and don’t require a significant redesign, using linear bushings instead of traditional plain bushings is simple.

Extensive Deviations

The ideal linear bushing for the application can be chosen from a range of standard, adjustable clearance, and open kinds for each dimensional series, both with and without seals. There is a long type with high rigidity in addition to the standard kind. These kinds can be chosen to meet application needs.

Compact Design Of Miniature Linear Bushings (LM)

As miniature linear bushings are so tiny, they can be assembled into machinery and other compact assemblies.

Simple Setup

Easy replacement of the linear rails and carriages lowers material costs, product pricing, and the time and expense of product replacement.


Linear bearings are used in a broad variety of industrial machinery sliding components, such as pull tests, digital three-dimensional coordinate measurement devices, printers, automatic gas cutting machines, presses, tool grinders, multi-axis machine tools, card sorting machines, and food packing machines.

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