Hairstyles That Are Dominating The 2021 Market

Your hairstyle defines who you are as a person and gives you a special identity among your friends and colleagues. Every year, some hairstyles become popular fashion trends while others die down in their popularity. 

Some old hairstyle trends often do make an astonishing comeback that is sure to leave you surprised and wishing that you had it. Every Manhattan barbershop has specialized stylists and barbers that can help you style your hair in some popular and dashing trends to make you look unique. 

This year, several retro hairstyles from the 70s and 90s have made their comeback and are more popular than ever. Let us look at the 9 most popular hairstyles that are dominating the market this year. 

1. Crew Cut

Suitable for: Men

One of the classics, the crew-cut hairstyle for men will never lose its charm and is sure to make the ladies swoon. 

2. Curly Bangs

Suitable for: Ladies

Curly bangs from the 70s can feel very refreshing for this year. The best part is that you can adorn it irrespective of your hair texture and color. 

3. Low Fade

Suitable for: Men

The best thing about low fade is that it can be tailored to suit your tastes to give an utterly stylish look. 

4. Curtain Bangs

Suitable for: Ladies

Curtain bangs are a derivative of the shag style which is low-maintenance and complements the head shape well. 

5. Undercut

Suitable for: Men

In recent years, no hairstyle has maintained its popularity consistently as has the Undercut.

6. Shaggy Layers

Suitable for: Ladies

Shaggy layers would be a great style for you if you wish to show off your mid-length hair that compliments your face and makes you look pretty and cool. 

7. Faux Hawk

Suitable for: Men

This simple yet authoritative style is one of the best hairstyles you can adorn at any Manhattan barbershop.

8. Ponytail

Suitable for: Ladies and Men

The Ponytail is an iconic hairstyle from the 90s that is popular among ladies and men alike. Just visit any Manhattan barbershop or salon to get this refreshing hairstyle. 

9. Half up

Suitable for: Men

This is a unique style for men where you can show off the length of your hair while keeping your face free from loose strands. 

These hairstyles are trending in the market this year. To get the best hairstyle for yourself, all you need to do is visit any Manhattan barbershop or contact your hairstylist. Keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, you should take necessary precautionary measures before stepping out of your home. 


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