How to care for and buy rugs?


You can shop online for a variety of area rugs made from both synthetic and natural materials.

We also make custom rugs with logo in natural wool. These rugs can be made from sheepskin or goatskin as well as tough natural fibres. Natural rugs work well in protecting hallways and carpets from heavy wear.

Every rug reflects the rich weaving traditions from these areas and the creativity of the individual weaver. They can be dyed either with a vibrant chemical dye or a more subtle vegetable dye.

We ensure that the material we use is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Recycled rugs have been used to create pieces in our collection. Our innovative designs allow us to bring modern and trend-oriented furniture to customers who are eco-conscious. All of our handmade rugs are ethically sourced. Only suppliers who respect our opposition to child exploitation will be considered.

Type’s rugs

There are many ways to make rugs that will suit your home.

In villages, homes, or factories, rugs are made by hand using a shuttle loom. Our best-selling rugs have been hand-loomed in many parts of the world.

Knotted rug piles are made from individual threads that are wound around the warp. Price reflects the time required to produce the piece, quality of the wool, density of knots, and complexity of the design.

A pile of tufted rugs is made from a tuft formed from the thread, which is pushed into the backing. For a more attractive look, you can cover it with a latex backing with plain fabric. This method is more efficient than knotting and usually less expensive.

A few tips to care for rugs

You should wipe away spillages and stains with cool water.

For a smoother fading process, make sure to turn your rugs often if they are located in the sun.

If the rug is hand-spun, it be may shed very early. This can be resolved by vacuuming light.

Loop pile rugs work best when beaten. Place them face down on a hard surface, then gently beat the floor.

Rug pads protect rugs against slipping and prevent the transfer of vegetable dyes to hand-made rugs.

The ultimate statement piece

Nothing adds a personal touch and uniqueness to a space like a hand-knotted rug. A custom rug can bring out the best in the world by matching colors, upholstery, or the view outside the window.

The showroom is filled with endless combinations of colors and textures that customers can choose from to make their own custom rug. The design process usually begins with a customer liking a specific pattern on a rug that is in our showroom. However, they may need to alter the colorway or size to make it fit their space.

We can virtually design custom pieces by using computer software which allows us to select the colors to be used. The colors of the computer program match to color “poms”, which is a swatch of the rug material that allows customers and us to see the selections in real life.

Once the final design approval has been made, it’s time to bring the rug into being. Nepal is home to one of our most respected vendors. Every piece of the rug is handmade by hand. The process involves ancient techniques such as hand spinning Tibetan wool to dying the wool by hands in small batches to keep the color integrity. The craftsmanship is timeless and will be a statement piece that will impress and amaze.


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