How to Help a Friend After an ACL Surgery in Singapore

ACL injury in Singapore is prevalent among athletes, especially those playing basketball and volleyball. While these two are well-loved sports in the country, the injuries athletes often get from these sports can be heartbreaking for them, their supporters and their loved ones. 

An ACL injury will prevent an athlete from playing his sport for months and even a year. ACL surgery in Singapore is painful. Thus, most players are getting disheartened when they have to sustain an ACL injury. 

If you have a loved one or a friend who currently nurses such an injury, it is best to know how to empathise with them and help them regain their footing. Today, we will share some insights into ACL injury, ACL surgery and rehabilitation, and how you can help someone with the condition.

What is ACL Injury?

Understanding ACL injury involves understanding how our bones and ligaments work. The union of your thigh bone, shinbone, and kneecap makes up the knee joint. Collateral and cruciate ligaments work as strong cords to hold the three bones together and maintain the stability of your knee. These ligaments connect these three bones.

When your foot is securely planted and a sudden force strikes your knee with your leg straight or slightly bent while you are playing sports, an ACL injury frequently happens. The same goes for when you abruptly change directions or land after a leap.

Small tears in the ligament separating from the remainder of the bone can cause mild to serious injuries. An ACL injury can span from a sprain to an actual tear of the ligaments. You could only imagine how painful an ACL injury is. This is not to mention how it will hinder most of one’s daily activities.

How is ACL Injury Treated?

Depending on the patient’s needs, an ACL injury can receive different treatments. Younger people, athletes, and people with busy employment will almost certainly need ACL surgery in Singapore to resume their usual lives safely. Alternatively, nonsurgical treatment, such as physical therapy or using a brace to protect the knee from instability can help those who lead less active lives resume their previous way of living.

How to Help Someone With an ACL Injury? 

While we cannot empathise totally with a person suffering from an ACL injury, we can do something to make the ordeal more bearable. Here are some of the things you can do:


It won’t be good to treat a person who had just gotten ACL surgery as if they cannot do anything. It is advisable to be there for them whenever they need assistance but let them do the tasks first. Help them only when they ask for help or when you see fit.


Move the things that are often used such as canisters, water jugs, toilet paper, clothes and more to the areas where they will be easily accessible. It can be hard to reach things after ACL surgery. Thus, it will be good to make the environment as recovery-friendly as possible.


Kind words and little bits of rewards can go a long way. As childish as it may sound, giving things to the patient as a reward for doing well in his rehabilitation, seeing his knee specialist in Singapore regularly or merely praising the effort will mean a lot to motivate him. Do you have a friend or relative who suffers from an ACL injury or other musculoskeletal injury like tendonitis or frozen shoulder in Singapore

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