Is It Worth Living In A Condo – What You Should Know

If you are buying a condo then surely you might have doubts, if it is worth your money or not? A condo or Condominium is a small private residence that you own, a subset of a large building or society.  Although the concept of condos seems to be the same as apartments there are many qualities a condo has which make them different from flats.

Condos are popular among the older generation people as it is less expensive and provides an environment for safety. Condos share some intersecting areas or common areas like swimming pools, gyms, garden areas, and many others. 

You should consider all the upsides and downsides of a condo nearby Mo chit before making your call. 

Upsides Of Condos

  • Safety 

You don’t want somebody to break into your home, in case of buying a condo you get the security from such incidents. As there are security arrangements for residents to reduce break-ins.

  • Less Expensive

In many ways, the money pressure that a condo puts on your pocket is less than apartments. Having said that the cost of a condo nearby Mo chit (คอนโดแถวหมอชิต, which is the term in Thai) depends on factors like locality and conditions which are subjective.

  • Maintenance

As compared to the apartments where the cost of maintenance can go as high as possible, the maintenance cost for a condo nearby Mo chit is limited. The need for customization is less required in the condos. 

Downsides Of Condos

  • No Customization Scope

As compared to the self-own land where you can have the home of your choice. Condos’ size and designs remain the same as they are created as per the fixed planes.  

  • Privacy 

If social situations are not your thing then selecting a condo can give you challenges. Your privacy is not ensured when using spaces that are too close to each other.

  • Rules

If you are living in a society with many individuals then there is a need for some rules. As compared to the self-owned land home you need not face such things. 

To know if your investment is good for you, you need to check the pros and cons of the condo. A condo nearby Mo chit comes with its upsides and downsides like the conveniences that you can have in fitness, pools, clubs, and many others to give you a worthwhile experience in your community. But with the downside of lack of privacy, rules, and other requirements.

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