My employer fired me for no reason. What can I do?

Got fired without notice? If yes, then doing this for no reason can be illegal, at least if it is done without prior notice of termination. But there is a way you can get back at your injustice and seek help. The first thing you must do in such a situation is to stay calm and go through your contract. If your contract doesn’t have any such point where your employer is given the right to fire you without any reason, you can take further legal steps. Reach out to The Law Offices of Gallner and Pattermann, PC, if you need legal help. Here are what you should do upon receiving a termination letter:

Keep calm and avoid arguments

Even if you are being fired without any reason by your employer, you must not argue with your employer. Arguing will not help, rather will worsen the situation. So listen to your employer and ask them why you are fired. 

Carefully go through your contract

The contract can be the best evidence and argument for a legal step. Check for any legal clause of termination or agreement in the contract that provides the employer the right to fire you for a reason mentioned by your employer. Contact an attorney if there is no reason or ground where you can’t be fired.

Take legal actions

The grounds of termination are usually written on the contract. So if your situation doesn’t meet valid grounds, you can take legal steps against your employer. Hire an employment attorney to look into the case. Provide them with certain evidence and a contract. They will try to negotiate terms with your employer and get them to admit their fault. The lawyer can get compensation for you out of the situation.


When you go out looking for a job, read the contract before getting into one. Some companies can fire you at will. So be aware of these agreements before signing a contract. And if you are caught in such a situation where you are being fired for no reason, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Do not worry, as their employment attorneys are the best at what they do, and any injustice will not go unpunished. They know all the tactics and dynamics of employment cases and will seek what is best for your situation.

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