Pros And Cons Of Glass Roof In Singapore

Glass roof in Singapore is an elegant and pristine highlight of the architectural and interior design of a building. No wonder why many dream of having a glass roof in their dream house someday.

But like any other roofing or retractable awning in Singapore, a glass roof has a fair share of its pros and cons. So before you plan on getting one, make sure you weigh its advantages and disadvantages first.

Pro: Space And Light

The highlight of having a glass roof is getting sunlight and having an illusion of a larger space. Since sunlight passes through the glass roof, homeowners don’t need to turn on their lights during the day. You can also benefit from moonlight and starlight at night.

Another advantage is the illusion of space. Since you can see your skyline with a glass roof, it gives you an illusion of infinite space even if you are in a contained room.

Pro: Increases Property Value

As mentioned, having a glass roof is the trend today. It is also in demand for people in real estate. If you want to drastically increase the value of your property, you need to start looking for a roofing contractor in Singapore who will install glass roofs.

Con: High Maintenance

Like glass windows, glass roofs need regular maintenance and cleaning. Raindrops can stain your glass, ruining its pristine look. Dropping heavy objects on it can shatter the glass. It could be an issue during an earthquake or a strong typhoon where heavy objects are dropped and lashed.

Moreover, a single crack in the glass. It does not matter if it is an inch long or runs across the glass; you should replace the entire glass panel. Otherwise, the integrity of your glass roof is compromised. 

Call your roofing and awning contractor in Singapore immediately once you find a crack in the glass.

Con: Retains Heat

Another disadvantage of the glass roof is insulation. Instead of reflecting heat like other roofing materials, glass absorbs and retains heat. Therefore, the room becomes warmer than usual. 

It can be an issue during summer when the sun is strong and the humidity is high. You might want to find a place with shade during this season.

Based on the pros and cons, is a glass roof still for you? If yes, plan your home and contact your contractor immediately.

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