What Are The Roles Of A Wedding Coordinator?

What Are The Roles Of A Wedding Coordinator

Out of all events, perhaps, a wedding is the most complicated to plan. If you’re planning a wedding, you know how stressful it can get. And if you are as busy as a bee who doesn’t have the time to plan a funeral, let alone a wedding, then you need a wedding coordinator.

They are fairy godmothers and godfathers in all shapes and sizes, but their goal is the same: to make sure your special day is unforgettable, stress-free, and runs smoother than a Swedish train schedule (yep, those are pretty efficient).

Perhaps you are thinking: ‘Do I need a wedding coordinator?’ If you want to enjoy your big day without a care in the world, then the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’

But what do these coordinators do in the first place? Well, let us start by breaking everything down for you. Here are the six roles of a wedding coordinator:

1. Planner extraordinaire

Not everyone is gifted as a good executioner. But a good coordinator will take your vision and turn it into a reality. Coordinators handle the nitty-gritty details, like choosing the perfect venue, securing vendors, and making sure the flowers match your orchids.

2. Timekeeper

Time is gold, and your wedding coordinator in Singapore lives by these words. Your coordinator will keep the day running like clockwork.

Your coordinator will guarantee everything starts and ends on time; and that your guests are entertained and fed, so they don’t start eating the centrepieces.

3. Problem solver

Are you a terrible problem-solver? Like, no matter how well you plan, something will always go wrong. But with a coordinator and wedding planner in Singapore, you won’t even know it happened. The coordinators deal with any snafus, like the DJ not showing up or the cake falling over with grace and a smile.

Problem solver

4. Decorator

You can always get a wedding designer. But your coordinator will ensure your venue looks like a fairy tale. They’ll set up the tables, chairs, and linens, and make sure everything is just so. And if you don’t like the way something looks, they’ll fix it, no questions asked.

5. Therapist

A wedding is a dream come true, but the planning is a nightmare. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and you may need a shoulder to cry on. That’s where your coordinator comes in. Coordinators listen to your problems, offer advice and make sure you’re as happy as a clam on your big day.

6. Master of ceremonies

Some couples bother to find an event host for their wedding, but did you know your wedding coordinator can be one, too? Your coordinator will act as the MC for the day, making announcements, introducing the bridal party and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Coordinators keep the day on track, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

These are the roles of a wedding coordinator in Singapore. They exist because they know couples can’t handle the wedding planning themselves. So don’t hesitate to get a wedding coordinator if you need one.

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