What Month Do Hydrangeas Flower?

The best month to plant and grow hydrangea

Hydrangea has 75 species that are found in East Asia, South Asia, South America, and also north. This plant usually grows well from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn. It is based on a cool climate. So an adjustment to make it grow in a tropical climate is necessary.

The best month to grow Hydrangea in Singapore is long among December and January. In that month, the lowest temperature of Singapore is going on. The temperature is pretty appropriate for hydrangea because this is the plant from a cool area. On the other hand, we do not need to be worried because hydrangea mopheads could survive in a tropical climate. These species are well known as French hydrangea.

How to care for hydrangea

Because of the different climate, we should adjust oneself hydrangea with the circumstance. When the plant starts growing, watering it regularly, it will make the plant adapt. After the hydrangea is replaced from the pot to the garden, the soil around the plant has to be watered. It is around the hydrangea, not its place. The place must be a place that has lots of air. As well as that, you must expose the flower directly to sunlight.

When the flower starts blooming and good flowering, you must cut the petiole. That step is useful to make the new shot grow. The sunlight above 10 in the morning is bad for these plants. It will turn off the stem. The use of pesticides is required to get rid of pests. The plant has to be checked for two days regularly to avoid pests.

How to control hydrangea color

Usually, we only set what flowers want to plant in our garden, but it turns different with the hydrangea. This flower’s uniqueness is we could control what color we want to grow the petals in our garden. There are several tips to make it grow in a different color.

To make your garden full of blue petals, you need to know the pH of your soil. The blue petals of this flower only want to bloom in pH 4,5 to 5,5. If your soil has a 6,0 pH, you have to reduce it. You can use a vinegar solution to make it have more acidity. Just spray it to the soil whether you have to give it sulfur or fertilizer with high acidity. This stuff not only to the soil that has been planted by hydrangeas but also around.

Well, you also can make the petals to be full of pink or change them. To change the blue petals to be pink petals you should increase the pH. The way to increase the pH is just to put phosphorus fertilizer. It will cause the aluminum on the soil to less and less, so the plant could not absorb it anymore. Then your hydrangea garden will be full of lovely pink color.

The color of this flower will fade away when it turns autumn. It is the only phase in aging, and you do not have to be a worry. After the autumn ends, the color will be back like first.

Benefits of hydrangea plants

Hydrangea is poisonous, yet it also has a lot of advantages. This flower could help you to heal tonsillitis. People with tonsillitis are usually sensitive if they consume something with ice, or in other words, they can not consume haphazard food. The plant exists to heal it. You only need to mash the flower after you wash it and mix it with 1tbsp rice vinegar. You can use it to gargle after you add water. That’s just a simple tip if your tonsillitis relapses.

It also could heal you from laryngitis. The way to make it pretty simple. You only need to mash its root and Indian jujube tubers. Those two things should be added to water and filtered. So the water can be used to be mouthwash to heal laryngitis.

The hydrangea leaf also can give you an advantage as malaria medicine. It is a kind of internal medicine, so you need to drink it. You need 10 grams of its leaves, half a sheet of papaya leaf, 15 gram chickweed leaves that boiled together in 500 cc water. Let the water evaporate until a half. When it gets cool, you can filter it and drink it. 

Usually, Singaporean use hydrangeas as a flower gift for wedding bouquets, birthday bouquets, graduation bouquets, or anything. The hydrangea would be a wonderfully unique bouquet cause of the shape that is forming a bundle. It could be a bundle of this flower to make it a bouquet or several bundles with another flower mixed there. The hydrangea bouquet is extremely easy to find in Singapore. You could find a gift delivery Singapore and order it for the one you want to send.

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