4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Memorial Diamonds

Losing a loved one is like having a void in your life that no person or thing can ever replace. Nobody wants to bid their final goodbye to a friend or family member, but it is inevitable. Fortunately, we now have various ways to remember our departed buddies or relatives and forever keep them in our hearts. We can honour them by making art or establishing a fundraiser or foundation in their name. We can also plant trees or flowers that remind us of them. But if there is one one-of-a-kind way of remembering our deceased, it would be turning their ashes into jewellery.

Memorial diamonds are gems that form through a specific process that turns someone’s ashes into sparkly mementoes or wearable accessories. They can come in different cuts and look like natural diamonds, but they often have a bluish hue. While transforming ashes to diamonds may not be for everyone, these jewels will never fail to remind you of a special someone who has passed on to a better place.

Getting a cremation diamond in Singapore is not as challenging as you think. Thanks to modern technology and the increasing number of individuals and establishments offering services that turn ashes into jewellery, you will not have trouble finding someone who can make gems from a loved one’s remains.

But before getting memorial diamonds, you should keep a few things in mind. You should pick a capable and reliable professional or company that can handle your deceased’s remains safely and respectfully. You should also ensure that you are working with an accredited business to prevent being a victim of scams. Moreover, you should understand these diamond-making services to ensure they suit your needs and preferences.

To help you learn about solutions that can turn ashes to diamonds, here are four things you can expect from them:

1.Making Memorial Diamonds Involves A Complex Process

Creating a cremation diamond does not happen overnight. Depending on your preferred jewel size, making these gems can take multiple days. Your loved one’s ashes will undergo carbon and graphite preparation before putting them in a high-pressure and high-temperature machine that can turn them into memorial diamonds.

2. A Cremation Diamond Can Come From Different Carbon Sources

Memorial diamonds can come from numerous materials. They can form using someone’s hair or cremated remains, but experts can make them from a mixture of ashes, hair, or a specific possession.

3. Creating A Cremation Diamond Requires Strict Quality Control

Once the high-pressure and high-temperature machine finishes making your cremation diamond, a team of experts will carefully inspect the gem. Doing so will guarantee that your diamond is genuine and has an appropriate weight, colour, and cut.

4. Memorial Diamonds Can Come From Pets, Too

Believe it or not, your pet’s hair or ashes can also turn to diamonds. You can even turn them into jewellery you can wear wherever you go, but you can choose to keep them with their collars, leashes, and other keepsakes.

If you want to learn more about memorial diamonds, you can talk to experts at Algordanza Singapore and understand their complex process of transforming ashes into precious gems.

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