5 Common Issues Of Auto Gate System In Singapore 

Having an auto gate system in Singapore has tons of benefits. They are convenient, enhance security, improve privacy, and increase property value. But they can be a bit problematic when they begin to manifest common issues.

Here are the common problems of automatic gates:


Automatic gates open and close themselves, hence their name. But sometimes, they fail to do so. One of the culprits is a power outage. An automatic sliding gate in Singapore runs on electricity. Without a power supply, it fails to operate. Sometimes the issue is with the cables that connect the auto gate system to the outlet. You must also check the wires and cables for any damage.


Does your auto gate produce grinding and creaking noises when opening or closing? Or do you hear a beeping sound when it is at rest? It could be a sign of a motor issue, belt problem, bent tracks, dirty motor, or lack of lubrication.

A qualified technician can pinpoint the primary cause of these noises. So when you hear an unusual sound on your gate, call a technician for an auto gate repair in Singapore.


Most gates can be opened and closed using a remote control. But what causes the remote control to fail or not work? To begin with, the remote control runs on batteries. You can replace the batteries and test your remote.

If the remote remains faulty despite replacing the batteries, the problem could be the remote itself. You can buy another remote if that is the case. Moreover, it would not hurt to call an automatic gate repair technician in Singapore to check your system because the issue could be in the control panel, too.


The sliding gate in Singapore is more prone to track problems than any other automatic gate. They can be dented and obstructed by debris. Some also lose their lubrication. Whatever the reason, all of them boil into one consequence, sticky or jammed sliding gate. Keeping the tracks clean and ensuring regular maintenance guarantees problem-free tracks.


Pest can do a lot of damage to your automatic gate. For starters, they can chew on the wires in the control panel, resulting in a power outage. Moreover, they can trigger sensors or block them with their nests. Furthermore, the dirt and debris they carry can bring moisture into the control panel.

Keep in mind and prepare for these common auto gate system issues in Singapore when planning to get one.

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