5 Cost-Effective Tips For HDB Resale Renovation

The cost of HDB resale renovation won’t be as cheap as you think. Saving money for a home improvement is not an easy task for any practical owner. It is widespread to experience increasing remodelling costs that don’t follow your limited budget.

Before you plan out your HDB interior design, here are some tips to help you save more money.

1. Save OCS items

Optional Component Scheme (OCS) allows an HDB resale renovation to keep a variety of basic finishes and fixtures. You can save more money since you’ll have the essential items you need instead of buying new ones. However, you may not appreciate everything if you have specific HDB renovation ideas.

2. Maintain current amenities

Like a condo renovation in Singapore, you may consider maintaining and refreshing the second-hand items like cabinets included in the flat. You may be able to incorporate some of these qualities into your HDB interior design if they’re still intact.

3. Utilise vinyl flooring

Overlapping old flooring with a fresh layer of vinyl tiles is a popular restoration method among thrifty owners. It’s less expensive for an HDB resale renovation instead of ripping out and installing new flooring. It also considerably reduces the time it takes to complete a remodel.

4. Invest in furniture

Investing your money on sturdy furniture like a sofa or cabinets can save you money in the long run. Although utilising old items can help, they might cost more if they need extensive repairs. Most owners who do a condo renovation in Singapore always buy things that will last long.

5. Keep you interior

Although it may be stylish to knock down a wall and build an entirely new room, it will cost you more money in the long run since you’ll need more materials and labour to do so. Consider talking to a trusted interior designer that can provide HDB renovation ideas that will work for you.

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