5 Devices Recommended By Security Services In Singapore 

When it comes to the business of security services in Singapore, the focus is primarily on finding various ways to provide protection and safety. Hiring security guards is the most commonly known form of security that is often used for institutions and establishments such as schools, restaurants, malls, and office buildings. When multiple people need protection under one roof, it’s best to hire guards or install devices that can help improve security. To help you figure out what products are recommended, here is a short list of them. 


A CCTV system is mainly used for video surveillance. If people are trying to break into an establishment, a CCTV camera can capture the occurrence to alert security guards or other personnel before the situation worsens. It is also for the sake of the instances where the culprit manages to escape. In order to get back what was stolen and make the necessary arrest, the CCTV footage can be replayed to get a clear image of who it was.

2. Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are another form of security that ensures that only specific people are allowed to enter the premises. Whether you are an employee, student, or guest that has a scheduled appointment, you may need to present valid identification before the gate is allowed to open. At least with an automatic gate, burglars and criminals don’t have the power to enter without notice or pick locks anymore. If your automatic gate stops working, auto gate repair in Singapore can help fix it. 

3. Fingerprint Authentication 

A fingerprint door access system is a device that grants access to only those who have registered their fingerprints to the system. Anyone who doesn’t have a fingerprint on the list will instantly be denied entry. Not only does this protect buildings from the possibility of dangerous people entering, but it also helps those who sometimes forget their keys or access codes. 

4. Convex Mirrors

Aside from an auto gate from Singapore, convex mirrors are known as safety mirrors that curve outwards and towards the light source. This shape expands what the mirror is able to capture on its reflection and enlarges anything that approaches it. Blind spots are eliminated, and security is boosted with the use of convex mirrors. 

5. Security Alarms

After CCTV installation in Singapore, you can also get security alarms installed so that a siren can go off whenever an intrusion is detected in particular areas. The assigned number of the area that contains the disturbance will be shown so that people are informed of where the culprit may be. 

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