Your Quick Guide To Air Compressor Maintenance

The world’s technological advancement brought convenience to everyone. Whether new or used, an air compressor from a reputable supplier in Singapore makes the job much easier and faster than doing it by hand, such as inflating flat tires or applying a painting coat to the wall.

If you want the air compressor you bought from Singapore to last for a long time, you should learn how to take good care of it. Continue reading to find out what you need to do.

1. Follow The Manufacturer’s Manual

Like most machines available in the market, an air compressor comes with a manual. Every manufacturer includes a booklet with instructions on how to use and clean it and more. Following the written instructions can help anyone take good care of their air compressor.

2. Conduct Pre-Check Before Use

A pre-check can help avoid disruption of what you are about to do with your oil free air compressor in Singapore. With your initial assessment, you can determine whether or not it is in good condition to use. 

3. Lubricate The Parts

Without proper lubrication, all parts of your air compressor will become stiff. Using non-lubricated components can only cause too much friction and may damage the entire air compressor. 

Ideally, you better lubricate your air compressor every three months or until you have used it for 2000 to 3000 hours. 

4. Fasten Loose Hardware

Apart from lubricating the parts, you have to fasten any loose hardware. Otherwise, your air compressor in Singapore will not operate well as it should. There is a high chance an accident might happen due to unfasten loose hardware. 

5. Replace Broken Components

You can expect there will be more damage that will happen if you do not replace broken components with new ones. A single broken part can affect the overall performance of your air compressor.

Ensure to get broken components for some replacement as soon as you notice some signs of cracks. 

6. Get Professional Routine Air Compressor Maintenance

While there are instructions about routine air compressor maintenance written inside the manufacturer’s manual, the work of a professional is different. Their vast knowledge and experience can help fix and keep your air compressor in good working condition.

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