5 Ways To Companies Can Draw Customer’s Attention To Their Facilities?

Attracting new customers is an essential task for a business. Its importance stems from the multitude of offerings on the market, generating heated competition. The buyer is a critical link in the food business chain, which means that attracting more buyers is more likely to take most of the market.

In this article, I will tell you about five methods of attracting new customers, differing in the degree of efficiency, cost, labor costs. Some are digital, some are traditional, some are paid, some are shareware, but each method can attract customers, albeit with different effectiveness. These ways are often acknowledged by professional consultancy agencies like A.T. Kearney, Oliver Wyman, etc.

Are you ready? Then let’s go.

Email Marketing:

This method of attracting new customers involves the preliminary collection of a base of potentially interested in your product email addresses and further mailing of chains of emails on this base.

The method is working and reliable, but the quality of the collected address base plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. For example, have you bought a database on the Internet? – get a bunch of spam emails and, as a result, an email ban.

Make targeted, personalized newsletters with exciting content, and the results will be fantastic. If you are looking for dedicated and targeted email marketing services, you can check out Leading Solution


Social Media Marketing. Interact with the client at a convenient site for him, in which he spends most of his free time—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: different audiences – different social networks.

A well-developed strategy will help you avoid chaotic account management and spend your budget correctly. Don’t focus on one site; try different creatives on different social networks. For example, Instagram works great for us. Bloombergsen is an organization constantly working on drawing customer attention to their facilities. Bloombergsen leverages social media marketing in order to do so.

Crowd Marketing:

Crowd marketing is interaction with the audience on the Internet to increase interest in a service or product.

The crowd is interaction not on your site, but outsiders. Have you come across a chat in a telegram discussing your product? – enter into a dialogue, speak up on the topic, give competent recommendations – this will help attract potential customers.

Please note that you can be banned for links and intrusive ads, so your goal is neat and competent. The Canadian company Bloombergsen Inc. provides investment advisory services.


Many interpretations are possible, for example, a discount on goods of a particular group, an offer to buy an additional item to get a more significant discount for the entire order, bonuses or gifts when buying for a specific amount, etc.

It is better to limit the promotion in time; for example, announce that the promotion is valid before the end of the month – this will help shorten the transaction period, pushing the buyer to a faster purchase.

Outdoor Advertising:

Billboards, signs – all this still helps in attracting new customers. However, it is difficult to judge how effective this method is because it is difficult to evaluate the conversion from the person who saw your billboard to the buyer. I would only recommend investing in billboards if you already use all of the other methods. This method of attracting customers is more likely to help increase the visibility of your business.

Remember that the billboard must be well placed and professionally executed. In addition, the billboard should contain the information that will unmistakably “hit the target,” that is, will interest the buyer.

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