Are You Cheating By Going To A Strip Club

Some women really don’t like the idea of having their boyfriends, husbands visit strip clubs. They believe strip clubs are nothing but brothels with naked women dancing for money. Men who do visit strip clubs often hide the fact that they do. They violate their relationships by going to these clubs but more so because they end up having to lie about it.  But is visiting a strip club cheating? 

You should ask yourself why the guy chooses to go to a strip club. Is he planning to misbehave? Is he hoping to hook up with someone or is he just going there to have fun in a judgment-free setting? Some men are just voyeurs, they like to watch. They are happy with their relationships and just like to watch. They just like the live-action fantasy.

A voyeur might like to chat up the strippers. He is the kind that doesn’t take up offers of private VIP dances or other inappropriate advances. The voyeur is careful about what he says. He keeps his personal business to himself. He won’t reveal the truth about who he is or reveal anything about his family. They understand that getting personal can get you in trouble. 

Some women are okay with their significant others visiting strip clubs. They reckon if no obscene amounts of money are spent on tipping girls in thongs. The occasional bachelor party is fine but spending thousands of dollars in strip clubs might not be acceptable. 

If women understood that stripping is about economics; that strippers are simply looking to make a living and not looking to start new relationships with customers they would not be bothered by their partners going to strip clubs. There are some strippers who like the attention but there are very few women who are twirling around poles for simples thrills. Pole dancing is not as easy as it looks, that’s why it has been suggested as an Olympic event.  Pole dancers work hard to hone their bodies and to perform all those gravity-defying twirls, they deserve to be paid for their dedication to perfecting that skill. 

Strippers may linger around men who spend lots of money. They want to get as many of those men as regulars. Some men can get fixated and d up spending a lot of money. When the money dries up, the strippers will divert their attention somewhere else. 

The question still remains: Is going to strip clubs cheating? 

It depends on what your definition of cheating is. Cheating can be defined as doing anything that if caught could result in the end of your relationship. If you have to hide the fact that you go to strip clubs from your girlfriend or wife then you know that is something you shouldn’t be doing – that could be construed as cheating because it is something you have to hide or lie about. 

You might want to discuss strip clubs with your partner before you end up breaking up over a matchbook or receipts.

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