Checklist for finding best PG accommodation

Many people migrate to big cities in search of the right education, jobs, better living conditions among many more things. The first thing when moving in to a new city is to find a good place to stay. There is nothing simpler than finding a good PG accommodation. With the increasing demands of PG accommodation, the availability, quality, charges, are changing quickly.

PG homes are a haven for bachelors who are always searching for an affordable room with a flexible rent agreement. There are many things you need to consider when choosing a PG, here are a few of them. Find a Premium room for rent in Noida for yourself easily.


Choosing a PG within your budget is crucial. Depending on the location and many other factors PGs can vary between multiple ranges. You need to see your monthly spending and figure out the amount you are willing to pay as rent. According to that, one must start their hunt for a PG. One must be at a comfortable spot at the end of the month after paying the rent.


Proximity to places like hospitals, grocery stores, bus stands, entertainment areas, must be kept in mind. All the necessary places should be near the PG in case of emergency. You will have to find the right balance between the facilities and the cost. Location is one of the primary factors influencing the price of a PG rather than size or quality.


The PG should have all the basic facilities like water, food, electricity supply etc. Many bachelors might also need internet connectivity. There are PGs offering laundry services as well. All of these amenities depend on your budget and your need. You can get a liable room for rent in Kolkata if you are considering shifting to the city.

Guest policy

Almost all the PGs you will go to will have a guest policy. Not all guests are allowed inside the PGs. You must check the rules and regulations to avoid any conflict in future. There are PGs who do not allow friends and family for overnight stays.

The best thing about living in a PG is that you get to meet new people and make new friends. Living with strangers can be tough but it’s something that is also a life lesson. You will slowly learn to make bonds and adjust. There will be a time you will have to help others, while many times you will need help from others.

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