Cool Tips and Hairstyles for Men to Follow in 2021

Hairstyling and maintenance in 2021 are one of the hardest things. This is because the fashion industry has seen many trends in the past few years and it is very hard to develop a new one. But the experts at a barbershop in Park Slope claim that hair is something that reveals the true personality of a human and can be styled perfectly every time. They also say that it is easy to come up with a new idea and style. Here are a few tips and hairstyles for men. 

Amazing Hairstyles 

First, let’s see a few hairstyles that men can try. 

  • Low Bald Fade with Wavy Brushed Back Hair 

Who doesn’t love brushed hair? And it looks more attractive when brushed back. This hairstyle is a quite famous yet amusing one. The middle part of the scalp is kept dense with more hair and the side parts are trimmed or cut out thin as if they seem to fade. 

  • Messy spikes with Low fade 

Spikes sound nostalgic, don’t they? Yes, they do! It’s because spikes have become the most popular trend of all time and people still follow it. Spikes get trendier day by day. This hairstyle is very cool and easy to maintain. The middle part of the head is cut into spikes and the side parts are trimmed. One can even get their spikes colored. 

  • Cowlick Hair 

Now, this hairstyle is one the most iconic hairstyles the fashion industry has ever seen. Being so simple to cut and see, a cowlick hairstyle is perfect at the same time. Barbers at a barbershop in Park Slope quote it as classy yet clumsy. 

Now let’s see a few hair maintenance tips useful for men. 


  • While choosing a dye or gel, always try to opt for the one that suits your hair texture and doesn’t cause any harm to your hair.  
  • If you are planning to get some highlights done to your hair, then make sure to select the one that suits your skin tone. 
  • Always remember that your style should bring you confidence. Hence, choose a style that increases your confidence. 

Styling Tips

  • Proper shampoo and conditioner with no harmful chemicals are to be used. 
  • Hair sprays or any other protective products are to be used before styling your hair.
  • Do not let split ends make you grumpy. Trim them whenever you get time.
  • Heat products might harm your hair. Use them only if necessary. 


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