Features of conducting the survey online

Today, the Internet space is one of the main sources for collecting marketing data, due to the huge number of users. A company that sells products through the network gets the opportunity to see the consumer’s reaction to its product. That is, thanks to the online survey maker, it is possible to assess the degree of consumer satisfaction, as well as to establish requirements and expectations from the product.

How surveys are conducted

If you want to know how to create a survey, you should mind the main characteristics of Internet marketing research:

  • Use of online panels. That is an appeal to communities that have agreed to provide information necessary for research. These can be consumer panels, as well as specialized or business panels.
  • The specificity of the methods of collecting information. They depend on the characteristics of the study. You can collect consumer surveys and bring in an analysis of the results of competitive organizations.

A survey or questionnaire involves the provision of certain data by the user, carried out through a special form. It can be located on the company’s website, or it can be received by the client by e-mail. To date, there are entire companies that take on the task of organizing and conducting such surveys.

Benefits of marketing research

Thanks to the world wide web, you can quickly collect data on general business trends, customer characteristics, and competitor and supplier activity. Conducting marketing research via the Internet is much easier and more profitable because it saves not only time but also other resources. The main advantages are as follows:

  • No dependence on geographic location
  • Low cost of research
  • The speed of data collection is much higher than when using offline methods
  • Anonymity

The disadvantages of research via the Internet include difficulties in attracting attention, as well as unrepresentativeness.

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