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Four Consequences of a DUI Conviction Beyond a Jail Sentence

DUI arrests happen every day. Because of this, you must know the consequences of a DUI conviction. A lot of convictions will result in monetary fines, traffic school attendance, loss of driving privileges, or even jail time. But you probably do not know the hidden consequences if you get convicted of DUI. These consequences can make your life after the conviction harder. Thus, you must work with a reliable Fassio Law DUI lawyer to reduce disruptions to your life. The following are some of the consequences of a DUI conviction beyond a jail sentence:

Difficulty Finding a Job

A DUI conviction can limit the scope and number of job positions you can apply for since some industries look into criminal records against people. Healthcare is an example of this kind of industry. Therefore, a DUI conviction can affect whether or not you get hired by an employer with strict hiring policies. Hiring managers may give a position to one who has a clean record instead of a candidate with a DUI conviction. 

Difficulty Enrolling into College

Did you know that you can also have difficulty going to college if you have been convicted of DUI? The admission criteria or requirements of many schools consider applicants as a whole. Schools are interested in the extracurricular activities, community involvement, and job experience of an applicant. And some of them even look into the legal history of an applicant. This means that you have lots of obstacles to overcome to get accepted by your preferred college. And if your area of study has higher background requirements, you may need to change your major. 

Increased Transpiration Costs

After your driver’s license has been suspended, you will have to pay for ride shares and public transportation. And even if you have your license, you may need to spend money on having your car installed with an interlock ignition device. Plus, this installation comes with a monthly fee. 

Social Stigma

Hiding a DUI conviction is quite hard. Your mugshot can show up online if somebody searches for your name. And if you blow into the interlock ignition device, somebody may notice it. The public has access to your worst moment, which results in more explanations over time. 

If you get a DUI charge, you do not need to suffer hidden consequences if you have a skilled lawyer on your side. Your attorney will use all possible defenses to get your charges dismissed.

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