Top 6 Reasons Shared Child Custody is Better for You

Child custody cases can be difficult for many parents when deciding where their child should live. It can cause stress and conflict between the children and the parents, leading to some of the worst memories for both parties. However, shared custody is a common method used by some courts that could lower stress levels and help avoid unnecessary conflict for both parties.

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Here are the top reasons for you to choose shared child custody.

  • Children are less traumatized 

Children will be less traumatized in shared child custody. They will be able to spend time with both of their parents and feel comfortable in both homes. Distress, anxiety, and depression are common emotions kids feel when they see their parents fighting over child custody. However, shared child custody may reduce anxiety and depression and keep them focused on what is important in life.

  • Children perform better overall

According to studies, children in shared child custody have better subject grades and participate more in school activities than those that live with one parent. As long as the parents are willing to cooperate, the children will benefit from this arrangement.

  • Children know they are loved by both parents

In shared custody, children usually get to spend time with both parents. Shared child custody helps children feel loved and secure. They get love from both parents, and they will be certain of the fact that both parents are working together to develop their highest potential.

  • Easy for both parents

Shared child custody is almost always the best option for both parents. It makes it easier for them to share the tasks and responsibilities of childcare. Shared custody also allows parents to work and earn a living, as well as attend to their own needs, without having to worry about their children or when they will see them again.

  • Reduce conflicts over child support 

By having shared child custody, parents can spend less time fighting over child support and more time focusing on the children. It also gives parents an incentive to be more cooperative when making decisions that affect their children.

  • Shared parental custody makes it easier to move on 

Both parents can move on easier by not having to fight over child custody and sharing the responsibility of discipline, education, and upbringing. This means that both parents are free to move on with their own lives, with the knowledge that they have given their children a stable home life.

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