Helpful Tips To Buy Monet Paint By Numbers

If you are looking for an unusual gift or personal project, consider a Monet paint by numbers. There are many ways to buy this painting by numbers and there are also plenty of ways to give yourself the best possible chance of completing this project successfully. This guide will give you a list of tips that will help you make sure your painting is as close to the original as possible!

Here are some tips for you:

Find a suitable frame:

First, you need to find a frame that is the same size as your painting. It will ensure that it looks proportional and not too big or small in the room where you plan on displaying your paint by numbers (or any other piece of art). You don’t want to use an expensive frame for a cheap painting either; this will look tacky and unprofessional!

If possible, choose a plain black or white matting with no embellishments at all–just plain wood framing around your work of art. If this isn’t possible because you’re working with a limited budget or other factors beyond your control, then go ahead and make sure there aren’t any ornate designs on the matting itself before hanging up anything else inside its borders.

Choose the right colour palette for your painting:

When you’re choosing the colour palette for your painting, don’t go overboard! You should keep it simple, using only 2-3 colours at most. If you’re doing a portrait of someone in particular, then choose their favourite colours to use as your base; otherwise, pick out colours that complement one another well and look good together on the canvas. 3-4 shades can be used for landscapes or more complex paintings with lots of detail.

Take care of your painting:

Keep it away from direct sunlight. Don’t hang it in a place where it will be exposed to strong air currents.

Don’t let it get wet, or even damp. If you want to clean your painting, use a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap (such as Ivory Liquid). Never use an abrasive cleanser because this could damage the surface of the canvas or paint numbers! Don’t paint on the back of your canvas–it’s meant for mounting purposes only, so don’t ruin your masterpiece by trying something new!

Also, remember that acrylic paints are not recommended for use with these canvases; oils, watercolours and pastels are best suited for this project since they don’t require any special preparation before starting work on your own Monet Paint By Numbers masterpiece!

Decide on a size for your artwork:

The next step is to decide on a size for your artwork. You can use our handy calculator to determine how much paint you’ll need for the size of painting you want, but it’s also important to consider that if you plan on framing your finished piece, it will affect how big or small it should be. For example: if you want an 8×10″ painting (which is quite small), then finding a frame at home might be difficult because most frames are bigger than this and would take up too much space on the wall when hung vertically.

On the other hand, if we were making an 18×24″ piece instead of an 8×10″, then chances are good that there would be plenty of frames available at local stores that fit these dimensions perfectly!

Ensure the colours you have chosen are compatible with Monet’s style:

Although you are free to use any colours you like, it is important to consider Monet’s style when choosing your palette. Monet loved bright and vibrant colours (such as blues and reds), so if you do decide to go with a more traditional colour scheme, make sure that the tones are warm and inviting.


Monet Paint By Numbers is an excellent way to get started with art. You first need to find a suitable frame, choose the right colour palette for your painting, take care of your painting, decide on the size of the artwork and ensure the colours you have chosen are compatible with Monet’s style. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start painting! This is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

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