How A Disinfection Machine Helped My Son’s Asthma

It was a regular day at home when my son suddenly approached me, asking why his breathing had gotten funny after playing with his friends in the backyard. He was coughing a bunch as well, and although it was normal for children to have coughing fits after running around too much, I still couldn’t help but feel concerned. I patted his back and rubbed it a bit before running off to get a towel so I could wipe his sweaty body. I assumed he was probably feeling hot and tired from chasing after his friends, but even after cooling him off, he still couldn’t breathe properly. He told me that breathing was laborious and made his chest hurt slightly. That’s when I knew I had to take him to the doctor to have him checked. I tried looking through the possibilities, and all I could remember was the air spray disinfectant my mother used when visiting her house last week. Maybe there was something in it that infected my child.

The Diagnosis

As soon as we got to the clinic, I immediately informed them of what was happening to my son. They ushered me over to the doctor’s office, and the doctor told me to sit my son down on the examination table. He asked my son and me a few questions about situations that may have happened recently. There were questions about whether my son coughed a lot at night and whether he experienced a tight feeling in his chest, colds, and wheezing that lasted for more than ten days. After giving him answers, he proceeded to perform a test known as spirometry. He informed me that it was a particular breathing test to determine how well the lungs function. My son was very obedient as he listened to the doctor’s instructions while remaining as calm as possible.

As soon as everything was done, he told me that asthma was plaguing my son. Some parts of me felt like it was expected. However, the other part of me didn’t see it coming at all. I always believed my son was healthy enough to skip the phase that involved having asthma. Even in shock, I bought the prescribed medicine and the disinfection machine he advised us to install at home.

The Saviour

Apparently, what I thought had caused my son’s asthma to act up in the first place was actually the one thing that helped him have fewer asthma attacks at home. When I bought an air purifier from Biocair in Singapore, my son could play with his friends without having an attack. Even as he ran around the house while being chased, not once did he fall into a coughing fit or suddenly lose his breathing stability. The doctor told me that air purifiers are known for eliminating asthma triggers found at home due to their function of filtering and sanitising the air. Not only was I grateful to our local doctor, but I was also grateful for my mother since she had an air disinfectant in her house. At least I know my son would be safe in environments that had these helpful machines.

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