How to Market a Plant Nursery

Plant Nurseries are crucial. However, a common challenge to many plant nursery owners is business visibility. First, you have to understand that the first stage of planning for a garden center and nursery is not by purchasing wholesale planters. It begins with understanding your customers. So, that’s where we’ll start.

Understand Your Customers:

Answer some of the following questions. Who do I want to sell to? Knowing their age, class, gender, occupation, and location will foster how to market to them. What is their motivation to buy? You should know why they most likely want to buy and grow your plants. Understanding their motivation offers you clues on what to focus on for marketing.

Offer some information:

Next, market some information to them to your ideal customers, whether for free or at a ridiculously cheap price. The information you give should respond to the motivation for why they would want to grow plants themselves. Education is valuable and creates more passion or hunger; thus, it can eventually lead them to buy from you.

Have an online presence:

The internet is where millions of people gather together all at once without choking one another out. An online presence allows you to offer value as information. You can then target people in your preferred neighborhood and market to them using the tools your media platform offers for advertisement. Whether a website or a social media page, an online presence increases your visibility.

Partner with your manufacturer’s brand:

A partnership is very beneficial to involved partners. If you publicize and promote the wholesale planters from your manufacturer, they can endorse your testimony and share the same with more people, giving you more reach. So, it’s a win-win. It is very likely that your manufacturer has more reach and has built credibility before you patronize them. Leverage that audience via (an almost) free partnership.

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