How to Style an Oversized Hoodie

Everyone likes to look better and in today’s time, you are seen in fashion every day, in such an environment it is very important to see you better than others. As the fashion is changing, so many such clothes are being made which you can wear in many ways or we can also say that you can design and wear it as you like. In today’s time, no matter how much the generation gap is fashion or somewhere trending fashion, everyone does not want to own it, people want to look better than each other and they make a slight change in their clothes and make themselves better than others. Hoodie is one of those clothes that you can wear in your day-to-day work and it also gives a very fancy and stylish look, due to which it is very popular among people.

The second most important thing about hoodies is that you can wear them in many ways. The hobby of wearing an oversize hoodie is increasing in most people because there are many fashion stylists who have given this oversized dress a much better look which is quite popular among people. Sometimes you can wear this oversized dress in many ways, many times people wear their shirts by tagging them and their callers get out of the hoodie to create a better look. By making small changes like this, you can give a very stylish look to any oversize dress sg in today’s time and make yourself better than others.

For a casual look also, you can style your overcoat. For a casual look add a t-shirt in place of the shirt, and wear casual shoes or sneakers on an overcoat. Also, for a casual look try a medium-sized overcoat unlike for formal ones.

Layered look

This look is quite common and I am pretty sure that most people may have tried it also. But here are few ways to try this layered look with your oversized hoodie. A layered look means to wear a pattern of dresses, with an oversized hoodie and try to wear more clothes.

When you put on your hoodie try to tuck it in so that you can put more clothes on it and everything will not look loose. After putting on a hoodie, wear an overcoat or jacket and also keep the hood of your hoodies out, to give a fancy look. For bottom wear try, jeans or pants and skirts will also do the job, note that this look is applicable for both males and females. For this look, you can also try multiple outfits along with the oversized hoodies.

This layered look is for both casual and official look, for an official look keep the colour of the hoodie decent. For footwear, you can try shoes, sneakers, and boots according to your dressing style.

At leisure Look

Everyone wants to wear clothes, which are comfortable and something which they can wear anywhere. If you have oversized hoodies then it can be paired with multiple outfits. Taking joggers as an example, you can pair your oversized hoodies with joggers of common colour and make it a monochrome dress.

Also, this dress is comfortable for you for jogging, yoga, and more leisure work. This dress provides you with the stretch ability to do all the work with full comfort. Also, nowadays velvet dresses are so trendy, so if you wear velvet oversized hoodies with velvet joggers then you will look unique and fashionably young.

Try to pair outfits with dark colours, this makes your dress more approaching and different.

Under Leather jacket

Wearing hoodies without any jacket is also a trend, but if you put jackets on then your look will enhance more and you will look formal and elegant. The leather jacket is one of the perfect choices for both boys and girls, to wear it outside the hoodie.

When you wear your oversized hoodie, tuck it in and then wear your jacket and put your hood out of the jacket. This outfit style looks really cool, and delightful and you can wear this dress anytime and anywhere. Talking about the bottom wear then you can pair it with anything that you love.

Some hoodies are big both in length and in size, whereas some have normal length but have loose width. These hoodies give more space in the dress and help to keep your body warm more. Now, with this oversized hoodie one has lots of options, to pair it with.

For women, they can pair their oversized hoodies with the fitted pants or skin fit jeans. Loose oversized sweatshirt, will look more attractive with a tight bottom wear, if necessary, then tuck in it from the front and leave it as it is from the back. Also, keep in mind about the color combinations of the sweatshirt and the bottom wear. This makes your dress look more attractive. For girls, flared jeans will also work in the same way.

For boys who prefer pants, which are fitted from the bottom, this look gives a more attractive look. Also to complete this look try sneakers in footwear, or you can also go with sports shoes if you are preferring jeans or more tight pants.

Also, to add a bit more beauty you can also complete it with winter caps, and shoes.


The oversized hoodie is one of the most common picks in winters,  for both men and women. These hoodies are also very common in the market, because of their function like these are super comfy, cozy and above all these are best casual wear. For both casual and casual wear, your look will boom everywhere, and there is no restriction about the place.

In this article, I have explained about different ways by which you can style your oversized hoodie. I hope you liked this article.

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