Multipin Plug Sockets – Detailed Information About Uniquely Designed Features

While using various electronic devices at the same time, you must have felt that you need more than one socket to apply all the devices for charging simultaneously. You might have got some advice from the experts about the usage of multipin plug sockets. A socket with multiple pins is the best solution for accommodating various devices at the same time. This is also best suitable for the ones who have less space on the wall for installing multiple sockets. A single socket is solving various purposes. 

But many of them, who haven’t used this multiple pin socket before, are unaware of its magical features. If you want to know detailed information about the uniquely designed features of these sockets, you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to cover all the necessary information related to these sockets in detail. 


Multipin plug sockets are also divided into two categories, external and internal plug sockets. Hence, it is important to know the features to find out the best suitable plug socket that fits your device. Let us check out some:

  • More Connections: The major usage of every multipin plug socket is an accommodation of more than one plug in it at the same time. It is designed in a way that more than one plug, whether it is two pins, three pins, USB, or international, can be connected to it without causing any trouble to the device. This is the major purpose of designing these sockets to make the life of people easy. 
  • Surge Protection Feature: When multiple devices are connected to a single device, surge protection features play a very vital role. At the time of multiple connections, people are always afraid of sudden surges that may cause serious damage to the devices. The overloading of the voltage may cause short-circuit that may end up catching fire. To avoid such a situation surge protection is induced in all the multiple pin sockets. 
  • Easy to Carry: These sockets are designed by keeping various things in mind to make the life of the user easy and one of those things is its portable feature. They are so small and handy that you can easily keep one in your bag while traveling from one place to another. Many of them are designed in a way so that they can match all the international standards as well. This will help in solving the issues of socket compatibility while traveling in foreign countries. These gadgets easily pass the custom security tests and the officers will easily allow you to carry them in the bag to any country. 
  • Handle Heavy Electric Loads: Another important feature of these sockets is their capacity of handling heavy electric loads. When you connect different devices into one socket, different type of voltage current passes through it. If it is not handled properly, it may cause serious damage to the expensive devices. Hence, they are designed in a way that all the load is distributed among the device equally without causing any issues.


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