Perfect Options for the Choice of Orthodontic Retainers

The retainer teeth, also called orthodontic retainer, is one of those simple but very important devices for maintaining results after orthodontic treatment. After months or even years, the day arrives when the appliance has to be removed. However, orthodontics does not end here and there will then be the last phase of the therapy: the retention phase.

Last Stage of the Tooth Alignment Process Is Vital

Oral tissues need time to adapt to the new dental position when the appliances are removed. Furthermore, since the teeth are in a new fixed position thanks to these devices, it is possible that, once the pressure on the teeth is removed, they try to return to the positions they had previously thus making the treatment useless. To learn more about orthodontic restraint and how to clean and best use a restraint appliance, all you have to do is continue reading. You can choose the retainer online now as well.

Teeth Retainer: What It Is

The orthodontic retainer is very popular at the end of the treatment of fixed restraints to avoid dental recurrences and maintain the results obtained in the long term without the patient’s collaboration. Teeth retainers are usually applied from canine to lower canine in various ways and, this very important feature, are very well tolerated by patients. In short, teeth retainer is vitally important if you want to achieve lasting results, so woe to underestimate orthodontic restraint. The retainer teeth is widely used in the dental field especially as a post orthodontic restraint device or for the fixation of compromised teeth or the stabilization after a dental trauma. In orthodontic treatment, the tooth retainer represents the final phase and its realization requires a very precise operating protocol.

What Is An Orthodontic Retainer?

The orthodontic treatment consists of 5 phases and the last one is called the containment phase. This phase is performed once all the attachments have been removed and consists of performing mechanical and natural procedures to maintain results over time. It follows that the teeth retainers are personalized fixed or removable appliances that allow you to maintain the dental position once the orthodontic treatment is completed.

In short, the retaining appliance serves precisely to prevent the teeth from returning to their original position perhaps after using orthodontic devices for many years. Going specifically, there are basically two types of fasteners: removable and fixed ones. The mobile stops are the most used and can be removed for eating, also simplifying cleaning procedures after meals. These tooth retainers have become very diverse over time due to the advancement of medical technology.

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