Reconciliation: What Made Us Decide On a Family Therapy

There are no perfect families, even if they look picture-perfect on Instagram. A married couple might post their vacations on social media, but you might not know they are bickering and fighting behind the glamorous pictures. I always shared on Facebook how lovely my partner is to my children. But most people don’t realise that we always fight over minor things. Before going into the divorce, we decided to attend family service centres in Singapore

My partner and I suddenly stopped shouting when we saw our child crying while fighting over the dishes. We sat down on the sofa and talked about improving our relationship. After this, we firmly decided to have family therapy. Here’s how therapy helped us reconcile our relationship.

What Made Us Decide on a Family Therapy

I never thought of getting family therapy during the first year of our marriage. Everything was going smoothly, and not until we had a child. Our schedules changed, and we treated each other affectionately to irritation. With this shift in mood, we got into fights in our daily lives to the point where we neglected each other’s feelings. So, before we ruined our marriage, we decided to get into a family therapy in Singapore.

Let me share with you how family therapy helped us become more loving.

1. Helped in Household Tasks

We argued over who would wash the dishes and do other household chores. My partner and I work, so the nanny took care of the baby when we were at work. When coming back home, we had disagreements regarding household responsibilities.

When we attended a family counselling session in Singapore, the counsellor enlightened us about why we should delegate tasks and not bicker over who gets more tired. Since then, the counsellor has guided us to have a harmonious relationship regarding responsibilities.

2. Letting Go Of Grudges

When we argue, we also remember our grudges against each other. We held each other against our misunderstandings and let the shouting win us over. The divorce counselling session taught me that it’s okay to have arguments because people are not perfect. They make mistakes and hurt your feelings unintentionally.

The counsellor taught us to forgive ourselves and talked about our shortcomings. This way, we could understand each other. Fortunately, my partner was understanding enough to know that compassion is the key to a successful marriage.

3. Lack Of Communication

The lack of communication was because of our busy schedules. I had my career, and my partner also focused on my career. At home, we only talked about the well-being of our children. Our communication was only about our child. When we communicate, we feel irritated with each other.

As we attend family therapy in Singapore, our counsellor advised us to schedule for ourselves as a couple. Make sure to have a date night, update each other through messages, and be more intimate. We did this, and our relationship improved.

We want to save our family from failing, so we attend a family therapy session in Singapore from PPIS. So, visit their website to learn more about their counselling services. 

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